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ExplorAR Books

Bringing learning to life

ExplorAR is a new way to learn.  All products come to life with augmented reality.  


Download the free ExplorAR app on the Play or iOS app stores to view the items in 3D/AR.  

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Engaging Content

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Augmented Reality

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Looking for a physical book?

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ExplorAR: Human Anatomy

Comic style for kids 7-15

Learn about the human body with this engaging, comic style book. Each page comes alive when you download the FREE ExplorAR app to bring the images to life with over 20 augmented reality models throughout the book. Whether you read the book with or without the AR feature, your child will love learning about the human body with this comic style book.

ExplorAR: World Landmarks

Full page artwork for all ages

Travel the world with augmented reality as you experience 20 landmarks from around the world. The beautifully designed images provide not only a visual experience, but each image is brought to life with augmented reality. Remove and frame the pages for a unique, one of a kind piece of artwork. Whether you use the AR feature or not, this world travel AR book is sure to excite and engage a person of any age.

ExplorAR: Robin Helps

Rhyming picture book for ages 0-7

Can you help Robin find out where the noise is coming from? Travel with Robin as she flies around the zoo to meet the different animals.


Bring her flight to life with augmented reality as each animal comes alive off the page.

This is a rhyming picture book for young children

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